Coin Shirts

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We  have numerous coin t-shirts for you to look at. Please flip through the pages and see what kind of coins you like. We are updating and adding more coin shirts all the time--so please come back and see us. If there is a coin you would like to see--please contact me on the contact form and we will put it up there. We have pennies, nickels, dimes, dollars, and other miscellaneous coin shirts available.
These t-shirts have the "heads" of the coin on the front of the shirt, and the "tails"  of the coin on the back of the shirt.
These t-shirts are 100% cotton, prewashed, preshrunk, and double stitched. Also, all of the t shirts are FREE SHIPPING. Big discounts will be given to coin dealers who buys in bulk. Call for details at 803-520-7924.


This is a example of the back of the shirt.